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About Varsity Summer Academy

Varsity Summer Academy was founded in 2015. We provide an in-person and remote support during the school year and is an enrichment program during the summer for children entering grades K-8. Our educational professionals all have a passion for working with children, and many of them are highly qualified certified teachers. Our programs use Grade Level Standards to build a well rounded curriculum that helps their brains stay active during the school year and over the summer. 


Meet the Head of the Academy

Owner, Michael Pilato, is a 6th grade Project Based Learning Math teacher in the Monroe Township Public School district. There he not only teaches, but was also an instructor for the STEM TAG program for the Monroe Township Middle School. He has also co-lead the TSA (Technology Student Association) chapter at MTMS. In years prior he has taught math in the South Brunswick school district where he was the math coach for both Crossroads North and South Middle Schools. He taught a math course through Rutgers summer program for children, also known as SPARK. He also worked as a Sports Director and Counselor for 10+ years at the East Brunswick Recreation Camp.

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