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This Summer, let your kids experience an Online Summer Camp like no other. They will work each day with fellow teammates and LIVE instructors to enter a world of enrichment based electives related to Science, Math, Coding, Escape Rooms, and THIS year PODCASTING. Kids entering grades 3-8 this fall will embark on a quest to get clues to reveal a final destination of a prized jewel and compete to earn prizes!

What will they Learn?

Children will experience 4 electives each day (check weeks below for when each runs). Each activity runs an hour and they will be with other children their age in a LIVE Zoom session with a qualified instructor guiding them through the activities. If they successfully participate in each activity they will gain clues to guide them to where the hidden jewel is located based on a provided map. Each week they have the ability to earn new prizes! Sessions are held Mon-Fri 9 AM - 2 PM EST with several breaks. 

CODING - Code Combat

Campers will work their way through various levels learning actual coding languages, Python (Entering Grades 3-5) and Java Script (Entering Grades 6-8). As they work through the levels in their computer science based games, LIVE instructors will help them with the actual code as they try to complete each task.

Weeks 1-4

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MATH - Clark Creative Education 

Campers will get to work together completing who done it, crime scene investigation, and project based math activities all connected to grade level concepts in a fun and exciting way. Activities can be printed, so you can unplug from screen time. A LIVE instructor will guide the campers through all of the math challenges.

Weeks 1-4

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SCIENCE - LIVE Experiments

Interact LIVE with your instructor to build, create, and design various experiments and engineering challenges. Each week you will be given a new list of minimal supplies to help you interact in real time with other campers and the instructor to create some amazing creations!

Weeks 1-8

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Science 1 Update.jpg


Campers will dive into mind bending digital escape rooms they will navigate with the other campers to breakout each day. The challenges are not only a great form of critical thinking, but they have many connections to countless educational topics. They will even have the opportunity to design their own escape rooms!

Weeks 5-8

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Campers will enter into true math and science engineering simulations to solve various problems, and come to really fun solutions. This interactive software and class will prove to be very engaging as the campers progress throughout the summer!

Weeks 1-8

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Podcasting - Create your Own Podcast and YouTube Channel

The world of podcasting and Youtube is everywhere you look today. Students will learn the basics of creating their own podcast and Youtube channel. They will look at some great hardware and use software to create a clean and professional look. The skills they take away from this course can be used so much for their future development.

Weeks 5-8



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How the Game Works:

1) Campers will sign up for 1-8 weeks of camp and choose 1 of the 4 characters to represent them on their quest. They will also receive a Zoom background to show their allegiance to their character during virtual lessons.






2) To keep a fair playing field, campers will be grouped by age bracket, but could represent different characters, which brings some healthy competition. 

3) Each week campers will get a brand new map which is a part of the larger world that combines all 8 maps by the end of the summer. As long as a camper proves during each Zoom elective session that they are actively participating and engaged in the activity, their instructor will present them  with a clue that reveals a location where the characters have searched on the map, but have been unsuccessful in finding the prized jewel. Their map will have 21 locations and with 4 activities per day in a 5 day week, campers have the chance to earn 20 clues. The 1 location not revealed in the clues for the week is where the jewel is hidden! An example of 1 of the 8 maps is shown below:


4) At the end of the week if you are able to correctly submit the location as to where the jewel is, you will be entered into a raffle to possibly win some great prizes such as educational toys or games (3 Super Prizes or 1 Mega Prize Each Week.)


As the journey continues throughout the week, the story playing out through the clues will also reveal that some of the 4 characters will not successfully make it all the way through the week's journey. If the character you represent gets stuck at any point during the week, campers will still participate in the activities each day, but a BONUS will be awarded if your character is the one that makes it to the end of the week. If a camper correctly guesses the location of the jewel and their character is the one that finds it in the story, they will earn 2 entries into the weekly raffle!

5) If a camper embarks on all 8 weeks of the quest, and reveals the hidden location correctly for all 8 weeks, they will automatically earn a champions shirt that will be mailed to them, and will be entered into the Grand Prize raffle for an iPad Pro 11-inch display valued at $799! One winner will be drawn at random from those who successfully locate the jewel all 8 weeks!


Camp Runs Weekly June 28th - Aug 20th 2021

Only $169/week


$1199 all 8 Weeks

Save $153 for the FULL Summer

2nd Child Discount 10 %      Each Additional Child 20%

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