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Chess Club taught by Certified US Chess Federation Pro

Join the Chess club that will take you from beginner to advanced level of competition throughout the year. Alex has contracts with high performing districts such as Robbinsville and West Windsor Plainsboro. He has also taken students to state and national championships, and he hopes to do the same with you! Learn the Queen's Gambit, Sicilian Defense, and all the great moves to become a chess champ!

Ages 13-18       Mondays from 4-4:50 ($99/month)

Ages 8-14         Mondays from 5-5:50 ($99/month)

Limit 12 participants

Fall Programs (Start October 4, 2021)


Wowzers! Math Personalized Program

Students will work with a certified math instructor to go through their own personal path of learning math to meet their own needs. They will work through the digital platform in person with the instructor to go through lessons, assessments, games, and fun with real data to show their performance. Students will be assessed to see what actual grade level they are performing on, and work towards individual goals. If students are working on a specific topic in school, the instructors can focus on that topic as well. That is the beauty of a personalized path! 1:4 ratio of instructors to students. 

Grades 1-8  Mondays from 6-6:50 ($99/month +Registration Fee $80)

Grades 1-8  Tuesdays from 4-4:50 ($99/month +Registration Fee $80)

Grades 1-8  Tuesdays from 6-6:50 ($99/month +Registration Fee $80)

Limit 12 participants


Code Combat Coding Program

Students will learn real coding languages in a gamified and progressive way. Grades 3-5 learn Python, and Grades 8-12 Learn JavaScript. There are two program options. One is the original format of Code Combat, where you are a character battling RPG style, while learning real code. The other option is the updated Ozaria program which has a storyline attached to the missions. Both programs are incredible and present students with certificates after each level completion. Learning Computer Science, Web Design, and Game Development through code in a fun and effective way! There is a 1:6 instructor to student ratio.

Grades 3-12  Mondays from 7-7:50 ($79/month +Registration Fee $50)

Grades 3-12  Tuesdays from 5-5:50 ($79/month +Registration Fee $50)

Grades 3-12  Tuesdays from 7-7:50 ($79/month +Registration Fee $50)

Limit 12 participants

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Code combat screen.png


Do your kids love LEGOs? Do they watch Lego Masters on TV? Let them become a part of a team with LEGOs! This is there chance to work with LEGOs in this program with a engineering focus and design challenges.

See more info about the program here:   (*We will be entering competitions Fall of 2022)


Ages 9-14 Wednesdays from 4-4:50 ($99/month)

Ages 6-10 Wednesdays from 5-5:50 ($99/month)

Limit 12 participants


Minecraft EDU Club

Do your kids love Minecraft?! Let them enter into a structured world of game development, coding, and design challenges all in the Minecraft world. This will be a well developed program and not just freestyle gameplay. The instructor for this course will be a Certified Microsoft Minecraft Coach that will help them develop the necessary skills to use the Minecraft platform to it's greatest potential.

You can see more about what Minecraft EDU vs Regular Minecraft is all about at:

Grades 3-12  Wednesdays from 6-6:50 ($79/month)


Grades 3-12  Wednesdays from 7-7:50 ($79/month)

Limit 12 participants

Minecraft EDU.jpg
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